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Crucial Documents Could Determine DePuy Hip Replacement Lawsuit Results

As the lawsuits filed against Johnson and Johnson division DePuy Orthopaedics are accumulating, plaintiffs are wondering just how much will they receive in compensation. Ever since two of DePuy’s hip devices, namely ASR XL Acetabular System and ASR Hip Resurfacing System, were withdrawn from the worldwide market, quite a number of recipients have come forward to seek damages from the company like when three recipients from Minnesota filed a DePuy lawsuit. An expensive and tricky revision surgery is necessitated by one hip recall recipient out of eight. DePuy is not likely to admit offense and compensate your loss. Having a DePuy recall lawyer to help you with the lawsuit is the one of the first steps you would need to take toward achieving compensation.

While a good lawyer is important in your fight against DePuy, he or she still needs your help. A few items of importance might be needed to increase the possiblity of victory. Some of these include:

Medical bills and records.

Records of tests and procedures done that is related to your injury is essential. You should keep these and give them to your lawyer. As well as bills and reciepts for payments made.

Summary of expenses.

These would be services or items with relavance to your hip injury such as medication, crutches and caretakers. In addition to hospital bills, any expense made that is associated with the ASR complications should be accounted for.

Employer records.

You might have experienced pain so great you could not come to work or you might have missed work by going to see your doctor instead. By not coming to work, you lose your day’s pay. Compensation for the lost earnings should be repaid as well.

Journal and photographs.

Documenting your experiences that disabled you from doing things you normally do with a functional hip would be noted. Pictures of outward swelling of your hips would also serve as a visual proof of your injury.

Physical evidence.

To show that the ASR device that was implanted is indeed defective, presenting the device itself as physical proof would be best. DePuy seeks to be in possession of your extracted artificial hip claiming they need to run some tests on it. You should not be forced to do this, however. The ASR device extracted from you is an important evidence in your battle with DePuy.

Amassing key evidence along with the help of your hip replacement lawyer will improve your chances of winning this case against DePuy. Your lawyer might ask for more items you need to procure but the items above is a priority. The efforts done in keeping detailed documents will eventually push you towards the compensation that is rightfully yours. For a free consultation on the matter, you could visit the ASR Hip Recall information center and claim the compensation you deserve.

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