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consumer injury lawyers : Hip Replacements

Author: Susan Ardizzoni

Hip Replacement Recall:

Depuy ASR hip implant

DePuy, the manufacturer of ASR hip replacements, is just one of several orthopedic companies that currently have recalls on hip replacement devices.  Hip replacement therapies have been around for decades and in general, these replacement surgeries have had great success.  Newer technologies and surgical procedures have brought about even greater success in more recent times.  However, there have been reports that an unexpected number of hip replacement patients have experienced long-term pain and other severe side effects that necessitated a second hip replacement surgery.  Medically speaking, a second replacement surgery is referred to as revision surgery.

Hip implants generally last for up to fifteen years, however, certain DePuy devices have reported failure within five years where patients required revision surgery.  The two systems reported to have problems are the ASR XL Acetabular System and the DePuy ASR Hip Resurfacing system.  Both of these systems have been recalled.

Warning signs of hip replacement failure that have been reported by patients include long-term pain, continued inflammation and difficulty walking well after surgery.  These symptoms may indicate a loose implant within your bone, bone fracture or a dislocated implant.  In addition, metal debris can be generated within the ball and socket unit due to friction between these two parts.  This has been reported to cause inflammation around the joint and surrounding muscles.  In some cases bone necrosis and nerve damage have been reported.

How Do I Respond to this Hip Replacement Recall?

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Given that DePuy doesn’t keep records on patients who have had implants, you will need to contact your orthopedic surgeon or hospital to determine what replacement system you received.  You should secure documentation on this.  The ASR hip Resurfacing System and the ASR XL Ace tabular System were placed on the market in July 2003.  If you had implant surgery before July, then your implant is not subject to a recall.

If you have an ASR hip replacement done after July 2003, you will need to contact your orthopedic surgeon and set up an appointment to see if your implant is working properly.  This recall means you will need to be monitored for some time to ensure your implant performs the way it should.  You should visit your doctor at least once a year for five years whether you experience problems or not.  Your healthcare provider will discuss this with you and set up an appropriate plan.

Depuy is offering a hip replacement settlement for their hip replacement recall.  Depuy claims that it is willing to cover costs of testing and treatment if you need medical attention including a second hip replacement surgery.  Before you take up Depuy’s offer for a hip replacement settlement, you should contact an attorney who is knowledgeable about the ASR hip replacement recall.  A hip replacement attorney can determine if you qualify for a hip replacement class action lawsuit and will protect your rights.

If you have experienced continued pain, inflammation, difficulty walking or any other ASR hip replacement side effect, you may be entitled to financial compensation for pain and suffering, lost wages and medical costs. You may want to contact an ASR hip replacement attorney to inquire about a hip replacement class action lawsuit.

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About the Author

Susan Ardizzoni, Ph.D. holds a Doctorate in Biology with a major in Neuroscience (medical) and minors in Biochemistry, Physics, and Mathematics with experience in basic and clinical research.  Although the author is not an attorney, this article was sponsored by the law firm of Bernstein Liebhard LLP and constitutes Attorney Advertising.  To learn more about hip replacement settlement or hip replacement class action please visit www.ConsumerInjuryLawyers.com


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