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I had Bilateral Hip Resurfacing done Feb. 2012 At H.S.S. NYC.

  • Smith and Nephew Birmingham Hip Resurfacing implants.
  • Starting having problems less than a year after surgery
  • Pain and stiffness in hip joints.
  • Had blood work done, Chromium and cobalt levels were high.
  • Levels continued to increase and symptoms worsened along with other developing symptoms.
  • Spoke to a revision surgeon who did a Mars MRI, findings were fluid and tissue damage in both hips.
  • Had revision surgery on right hip 5/22/14, I`m scheduled for revision surgery on my left hip 9/2/14.

I will probably be cancelling second surgery due to the fact I will be out of sick time and will be without pay.

  • Have been told by multiple law firms that they are not pursuing these cases at this time because of FDA PMA for these devices.
  • I would love to join in any attempt that`s being made to fight this.