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Hi Earl

I had a BHR resurfacing in 2004 on my right hip. 5 months ago I had a total hip replacement on my left hip, the surgeon who did this op flagged up on seeing my Xrays that I had a problem with my right hip, I was referred back to the surgeon who did the resurfacing in 2004, I had a CT Scan and blood test, that showed I had that I had all these problems associated with the metal on metal hip, he has now replaced this with a total hip replacement, I am now recovering from two hip replacements in five months.these hips was done through the NHS but at a private hospital, at the horder centre Crowborough.

I Have contacted the MHRA who has logged this, but is saying that the fallure rate is acceptable , they have passed this to Smith & Nephew who is at the moment investigating it, but I feel sure this will be swept under the carpet.

I beleive that this should be bought to the attention of the Media, and that we should
get the same compensation as DePuy will most probably get

What can we do