MoM Hips, Dr Stephen Tower Presentation – Essential Viewing



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Dr Stephen Tower discusses Metal on Metal Hip Issues

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Some time back I set up a Facebook Group as an easier venue for discussions but for some dumb reason never really advertised it! But recently it has gained a lot more members and there are some great discussions and support happening.

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PS. I have backlog of posts but have had family and health issues to cope with.

Researchers identify gene that causes hip implants to form lesions



Genetic breakthrough offers new hope to hip replacement patients

A team of Adelaide researchers have identified a gene that determines which patients are seven times more likely to have an adverse reaction to certain implants.

Tens of thousands of Australians who have had a hip replacement currently may be living with a ticking time bomb, with metal-on-metal implants in some cases causing painful tumour-like lesions.

The award-winning breakthrough by Adelaide scientists at Adelaide’s Lyell McEwin Hospital however could help doctors determine which patients are most at risk of complications and avoid using the wrong implant.