Malcomson Law (Ireland)

DePuy Hip Replacement

DePuy Hip Replacement

Malcomson Law are currently acting for Claimants who are likely to have to undergo revision procedures or, alternatively, have already undergone revision procedures as a result of being implanted with the DePuy ASR™ component.

The specialist Health Law team at Malcomson Law is headed by Raymond Bradley, Managing Partner. Raymond has extensive experience of taking health-related cases in the Irish High Court, an unrivalled record of involvement in high-profile cases of medical negligence, and in representing victims of health scandals at public inquiries and compensation tribunals.

At Malcomson Law we have, over a period of 20 years, been involved in various class claim actions, both in Ireland and in other jurisdictions, arising out of defective products including blood products, pharmaceutical products and medical devices. In that regard, we are very familiar with the principles that are required for the purpose of advancing such defective product litigation. It should be noted that this litigation is extremely complex, difficult to advance.

DePuy Articles

Hip Recall Brochure

Seeking Advice

If you are affected by the circumstances surrounding the consequences of the withdrawal of a faulty DePuy hip replacement implant/defective device then please feel free to contact Malcomson Law at (01) 8744422 or complete an Online Enquiry Form.

We also provide a unique Client Liaison service, a representative who will be there for you every step of the way. Our Client Liaison Representative, Rosemary Daly, is a non-lawyer with a considerable track record of helping people through the many difficult issues that can surface when taking such health law cases.

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