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I had a full hip replacement with a Pinnacle Marathon May 2010.

While putting on my shoes it dislocated, hospital emergency x-rays were taken showing the shaft of the hip was completly out of the cup with a large gap in-between the pain was unbearable & I was vomiting.

I was taken to theatre given full anaesthetic and the hip was put back in place
my leg was bound from top to bottom & wighted.

I was in hospital for a week.

This was August, the same thing happend December and again in March.

In April, the hospital decided to do a complete revision surgery. I was given an epidural and underwent 3 hours of hammering chopping and pulling.

All this in a space of 10 months.

I have placed  this information with a solicitor but 4 years on and I am
being told they are awaiting the out come of the  trial in Texas in September with the A.S.R.

Am I the only person to have had prblems with the pinnacle Marothon??

– Isabella