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Australian S&N MoM Victims

Recently Dianne contacted me. She has multiple health issues arising from the MoM S&N hip she received.

Dianne is working hard to raise awareness of S&N victims who have been overshadowed by the J&J DePuy ASR and other metal hips debacle.

Dianne has been talking to a number of TV new shows and just yesterday spoke with one of the key Senators who helped raise the awareness of the problems with metal on metal hips.

Dianne reports:

Have just come off the phone to Senator Nick Xenophons’ office in Adelaide. Senator Xenophon was the person who “led the charge” on the DePuy problems. His office wants a copy of the letter that I send to my local MP Andrew Broad…the Senator will then get in touch with TGA to investigate what research etc. was done for the S&N MOM hips. I have permission from the Senators’ office to put this on-line, with the hope that other S&N victims (particularly those in the Adelaide area), will contact him. I believe that the Senator appeared on one of the 4 Corners programs(for the DePuy victims).

Contact details (email is the preferred 1st contact)