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DePuy ASR hip replacement recall: Patient information on medical negligence compensation claim potential.

Are You Concerned About Your DePuy ASR Replacement Hip?

DePuy Cobalt Poisoning

Pearson Hinchliffe’s medical negligence team would like to hear from anyone who has received a DePuy ASR hip replacement or hip resurfacing. Contact us on:

Telephone John Pollitt on 0161 785 3507
Or email
Or via this website.

Medical Negligence Claims – DePuy ASR hip replacement

Most of the claims against DePuy, a part of the American conglomerate Johnson and Johnson, are product liability claims due to the poor design of the implant. However, a claim may turn into a medical negligence claim if it can be shown that the ASR hip replacement implant manufactured by DePuy International Ltd was fitted incorrectly or was not suitable for the patient. Victims could be eligible to apply for compensation for resulting  injuries suffered and for any financial losses incurred caused by the defective product.

Oldham Press Report about DePuy ASR Recall

Recently the press reported that the Royal Oldham Hospital has recalled a number of patients for tests. If you have been contacted by this, or another hospital, or are concerned about your replacement hip, please get in touch with us today.

The Oldham Chronicle reports that a Royal Oldham Hospital spokesman, said: “Patient safety is our top priority, and for this reason, we are currently reviewing 79 patients who have all had these type of hip replacements.

“All patients who have received DePuy ASR hip replacements have now been contacted directly and have been recalled for review at the Royal Oldham Hospital, in line with the supplier and General Medical Council guidance like other hospitals.”

DePuy Replacement Hip  Symptoms

Patients who have received a DePuy hip replacement have complained of aches and pains, a rash over the body, numbness in my fingers, severe swelling in other joints, nerve, muscle and bone damage, cup loosening, difficulty walking and blood poisoning. Many have required further surgery for revision or are expected to need revision in the future.

Contacting Us

If you have been fitted with a DePuy ASR prosthesis, including ASR XL Acetabular system or a DePuy ASR Hip Resurfacing System after 2003, whether as a replacement or resurfacing, and are having hip pain or other symptoms, please contact John Pollitt at Pearson Hinchliffe without delay for a free legal consultation on 0161 785 3507 or email, or fill out this short contact form.

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