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I was a healthy 50 year old male, a carpenter by trade. I started getting severe groin and knee pain, and in March 2005, I was told i would have to have both my hips replaced.

In December 2005, i underwent a bilateral Birmingham Hip Resurfacing procedure, using Smith&Nephew implants. After a few months, i developed an audible clicking sound coming from my right hip, and similar pain as before.

Since this time i have developed severe tinnitus,blurred vision, severe depression, anxiety, spontaneous anger issues, short term memory problems, heart palpitations, raised blood pressure, loss of 10kg in weight, the list goes on.

I can no longer work as a carpenter, and my business is virtually non existent.

I have had complete revision surgery on both my hips, where the surgeon had to remove substantial pseudo tumors, cysts, and other inflamed and discolored tissue.

At it’s highest, i had a serum Cobalt level of 564 nmol/L, and serum chromium of 335nmol/L. These levels have now returned to normal since the removal of both metal on metal implants.

Unfortunately because my implants were Smith & Nephew, and not DePuy, nobody see’s fit to help me.

I even had to pay for my own revision surgery, although my orthopedic surgeon did not charge me the gap in my health cover.

My health is ruined, my business is ruined, and I am pissed because there is not a thing i can do.

Are there others out there with Smith & Nephew failures? One more thing, i have in my possession the damaged Acetabular Cup taken out of me during my first revision surgery, it would amaze you to see it and leave you in no doubt about the damage it has done to me.