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John’s Story

I had a Smith and Nephew Birmingham Hip Resurfacing in 2009 at age 39.

It was presented to me as a better option for younger people who are more active.

I experienced popping and clicking, pain and swelling and was told for years that this was normal.  I am 6’4″ and work a physical job.

I would come home, look at myself in the mirror and say “Toughen up big guy – the Doctor said everything is fine”.

Finally toward the end of 2011 I began seeking other opinions.  I was told by two different surgeons that the problems are evident on an x-ray and the BHR must be removed.

I am scheduled for revision surgery next month.

I am not in a position to drop out of my job and life to deal with this, but I have no choice.  I’m concerned with the long term health and financial consequences that we will be facing.