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Sorry to hear about your pain and frustration.

I too have a BHR with exactly same symptoms, elevated cobalt and chromium, pain, popping and I feel tired and sick all the time.

After 3 years of struggle, I am getting it out this next Friday. 

I am completely on board with the belief we should be compensated for this. Yet, I work in a law firm, went to law school and know lots of attorneys and none want to take the BHR cases.

My statute of limitations is going to toll on pursuing any sort of compensation on 6/1/12.

My firm said I either need to file my suit or forget about it.  Have either one of you heard of anyone taking these cases/do you have any attorney?

A medical malpractice action for injury or death must be brought within ONE YEAR from the date the claimant discovered the negligent act, but no more than three years from the date of injury. Cal. Civ. Proc. Code § 340.5 (West 1992). For retained foreign body cases, the statute is tolled until the claimant discovers or should have discovered the injury. Ashworth v. Memorial Hosp. of Long Beach, 206 Cal. App. 3d 1046, 254 Cal. Rptr. 104 (1988), rehearing denied, March 23, 1989.

This whole experience has taken a huge toll on all of our lives.  It is just terrible.:/

Please contact me directly if you wish to discuss this more privately.