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Hi all,

Just an update.

Over December and into Christmas my hip pain from my left BHR has got even worse.

I am now marking my pain as 8/10 and is pretty much unbearable. Enough to bring tears to my eyes. I would say it is as bad as the day after the BHR Operation.

Even considering going to Casualty at the moment (Emergency Room),

I am also getting a numb feeling in both my feet, not just my left one.

I have just emailed my Surgeon asking for an update on the date for my BHR revision.

Paul, Reading, Berkshire, UK.

My View:

Hi Paul

That is dreadful – do you have a date for the revision or is it just being talked about?

You may need to go to ER – I did three times before I finally had my revision – or you can go to your doctor and get some Endone or Oxycontin which are a synthetic opioid – they will take away the pain in the short term.

What do your X-rays look like? Is there any apparent reason why you have this problem – was there a lack of alignment that lead to the wear? Has part of the hip come loose as it had in my case (the femoral stem)?

By the sound of it there should be considerable tissue and bone damage evident on the X-rays.

Best suggestion at present – ring your surgeon every minute of the day until you get some action. Plan B – get some strong pain killers from your GP. Failing that camp in ER until they take you seriously.


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