The operation took just over 4 hours.

When the hip was opened up there was a lot of white gray granular material as a result of the metallic wear particles.

There was bone loss as was expected from the X-Rays. And quite extensive osteolysis.

The acetabular cup was in reasonable condition. However the femoral prothesis was loose as expected and was removed easily.

The surgeon removed the “top” of the femur to enable the removal of the femoral stem and the excess glue because the original surgeon had not used a glue cap.

The femur was wired back together and a bone graft to fill up some of the void.

The new Zimmer femoral revision stem was press fitted and as it is longer than the original Smith and Nephew Birmingham Spectron a fourth wire was added to strengthen the femur.

The acetabular cup was removed and the Zimmer revision cup fitted over top of a bone graft and two screws used as well.

The femoral head and insert are both ceramic.

The pain relief was spinal fentonal (spelling?), lots of local anaesthetic and general anaesthetic. May have this a bit confused!!!

I am on a fentonal pain pump plus panadol and a long acting NSAID pain killer.

Pain today has ranged from 2/10 to 11/10 !!!

But I am on top of the pain control at present. Hence the blog.

I had two sessions with the physio today and they were wonderful. Go went through all the basic exercises and was able to stand with a walking frame However not too much weight on the revised hip because of the bone grafts. I will have to limit the weight on this leg to about 50% for the first 4 – 6 weeks.

It is a relief to have the operation behind me. The surgeon and his team did a fantastic job.

The care in the hospital is great too.

Forgot to mention that I have had to have considerable anti nausea medication!

Also I did not need a transfusion which was a bonus.

I have compression stockings and pressure boots on both legs / feet.

So it was great to have the metallosis and loosening confirmed. The pain and suffering was not imagined!!!

That’s it for today. Thank you all for comments and thoughts. Much appreciated.