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Hi Everyone

I came home mid yesterday afternoon and am starting to settle in – found my way back to my trusty computer and about 500 emails!

I am feeling OK – took some adjustment to being home last night and it was not my most comfortable one and my poor wife was kept awake with the sound effects and me knocking my water over twice, toilet twice, pain killers once – and feeling breathless from about  4 am onwards! And a migraine to boot. But fortunately I had some medication at hand for that too!

The raised toilet seat and adjustable bedside chair were well worth the outlay.

Here are the X-Rays of the revised hip – wired for everything except Digital FM, it seems!


  • Split the femur to remove the previous Birmingham Spectron (S&N) femoral implant and remove excess glue and metallosis gunk.
  • Bone graft to fill voids – wired femur back together to give bone strength while it heals – the fourth wire is to strengthen the mid femur because the new implant has a longer stem.
  • New stem is press-fit.
  • Then remove old acetabular cup – bone graft to fill out the void left – new cup put in and a couple of screws to make sure everything stays in place.
  • Femoral head and cup are now inserted – ceramic on ceramic.
  • The revision system is by Zimmer.


  • To the right you can see the 38 or so stainless steel staples used to close the wound – removed on day 12 with only a few stings – no drama.
  • The quality is not very good – taken on day one with me lying on a normal hospital bed and a very creative X-Ray team finding ways to get the required shots without moving me, the pain pump and the two drips too much – a real plumber’s muddle!
  • Next week before I see the surgeon I will get a new set of X-Rays which should be a little crisper!