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Update from Alison

Hi Earl I have just been to my hospital for an x ray as they have told me that they are recalling all their birmingham hip patients to test chromium and cobalt levels in the blood. I am still waiting for my results. I had my BHR Smith& Nephew fitted in November 2007 and have been doing some research and have found that S&N have recalled some patients and they have recalled certain acetabular cups and sent out this following letter to the hospitals:

Dear Customer,
Smith & Nephew have been informed that the above devices may have been miss – labelled. The product packaging for the notified complaint was for a 54 mm BHR Acetabular Cup, however inside was a 50mm Acetabular Cup. One more device has also been positively identified as being the reverse of this.
An evaluation has been performed in -house and has determined that the devices are likely to cause a risk of adverse health consequences to the patient through the necessity for revision surgery. Due to the mismatch in size of the Femora l and Acetabular devices this may lead to elevated metal ion levels and or metallosis. Smith & Nephew are therefore recalling the above mentioned pro ducts to physically verify their status.
A number of the devices in the table below have been identified as being implanted. Smith & Nephew have contacted all of the surgeons and Hospitals which are affected by this recall. This will enable Smith & Nephew and the surgeons involved to review the patient X- rays and verify the status of the se devices.

The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency have been informed of this recall.

This is particularly alarming as this letter was dated June 2007 yet my hip resurfacing was performed in November 2007 and yes I was fitted with a 74120150 faulty labeled acetabular cup. I am now looking at having a revision and do not even know the best thing to replace it with. Also I am actively still playing netball and have been told if you have a full hip replacement they are normally only expected to last about 10-12 years and if you continue to do sport it can reduce the longevity of your hip replacement by many years and that you can only have a maximum of two revisions not that I can face having even one.

I am really fed up and want to also know how I find out if there are any class actions already against Smith & Nephew?

Alison (age 50) from the UK