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I was 46 and diagnosed with severe OA in both hips. I had no previous injury but have been incredibly physically active all of my life until the severe pain was interfering with everyday life.

It’s important to note that I am 5’4 and 102 lbs with a small frame.

I found out about resurfacing mostly through the surface hippy blog and felt that it was a great option for me since I was young and wasn’t presenting with osteoporosis.

So I had 2 Smith and Nephew BHRs put in August and December of 2008.

My right hip was first and immediately didn’t feel right but all xrays showed the surgery successful. So I proceeded with the left hip. Within months of healing from the left, I still felt pain in my back and right hip. We tried injections, a CT scan and physical therapy for the back pain but it wouldn’t go away.

I had read about pseudotumors and how fluid can collect so we decided to do an ultrasound which revealed the fluid.

So, after 2+ years of suffering, in November 2010 I had a THR on my right hip.

I was furious that I was on my 3rd surgery and started to research more about other BHR failures.

I found an article that the NYTimes had printed Nov. 7, 2008 entitled Red Flags for Hip Resurfacing in Women and even confronted my surgeon.

He said we turned his world upside down and would no longer be quick to do resurfacing on small women!!  I went ahead and let him perform my THR.

I am now 50 and am undergoing blood work every six months to check my chromium and cobalt levels.

The last result showed some decline but I don’t think my doctor is 100 percent happy with the numbers. So I will be tested in February. I have begun to exercise more (elliptical/walking) and am so far doing okay.

I occasionally will have left hip pain and worry when it too will fail me…there continues to be more and more negative information published about metal on metal hip replacements all of the time including my Smith and Nephew. (I have signed up for the Google service which automatically emails me whenever any article is put out about hip resurfacing and that is how I now keep up with what is happening with resurfacing and that is how I found your blog.)

I am interested if in the future Smith and Nephew faces any lawsuits. I feel they were way too eager to put this metal on metal product out before really knowing everything they should about metal ions and the best patient profile. (I have read several articles stating that large men with good bone stock are the best candidates.)


Alison Hershberger
Leawood, Kansas