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More Smith & Nephew BHR – MoM Problems Emerging each day

Comment received overnight:

I too have a Smith and Nephew hip resurfacing, my pain level on a scale of 10 is about a 9. It was done in February of 2008, I am scheduled for  hip revision surgery this February first 2012.

I just had to have my right hip aspirated as build up with fluids.

My original surgeon wants nothing to do with me, so I am being referred to a revision specialist.

My cobalt level is around 60, and my chromium level is around 50.

According to the CAT scans and the MRI’s I have severe bone deterioration and muscle deterioration.

I think we should get a hold of our congressmen or representatives bring is the issue to their attention.

I have a lawyer out a new york that is been collecting my paperwork. There company is called Parker/Watchman/Also LLP. Their phone number is 516-466-6500. Call them they took down all my information and send me a packet, we have to stand together and do something about this, we can’t let Smith & Nephew get away with this.

Please feel free to email me at billygram@gmail.com.

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