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there have been many posts recently regarding Smith and Nephew and I would like you to share my story with your readers.

Maybe we can all pull together and start something?

I am in the UK, had my S&N left BHR in 2006, it never fully settled, pain was always an issue but I thought this was what I had to put up with, medical investigations showed no obvious problems, I was told after 2 years my metals were high but that it was nothing to worry about!!

Eventually it was decided in September 2011 that I would need it taken out and a THR, I was referred for an ultrasound and x-ray. The x-ray showed my pelvis had been worn paper thin on this side and I would need a bone graft too!

The ultra-sound showed pseudotumours, largest measuring 6×2 wrapped around my femoral artery! Blood tests revealed my cobalt to be 383 and my chromium 410.

This was when it was decided that my local hospital could not do the surgery and I have been referred to a hospital in the next county as the risks and complications were too high!

I have had an MRI to determine how much soft tissue damage there is inside and to see whether I will in fact be able to have my new hip straight away or wait without one for the tissue to heal.

I have a 4 hour appointment this month to discuss the findings!

My surgery is booked for the end of February 2012, 5 months after the findings determined my revision as urgent!

I have discovered I was not a suitable candidate [for a BHR] given that I am 5 foot tall female, I have also discovered that tests to determine effects were never fully reported.

This means I was a human guinea pig, used for medical experiement without consent.

No-one can say what long term health effects will be. I have partial hearing loss, blurred vision, dizziness, extreme pain (been on morphine for 3 months now), chronic fatigue, lethargic, forgetfulness, confusion ………. That is presuming I survive the removal of the tumour on my artery!

Like others I have sought legal advice to no avail.

Again, group litigation is needed and not enough people have come forward. I have contacted the press, to no avail, I have this week emailed the minister for health in an attempt to do something.

I will share that response when I receive it.

We all need to push our stories.

I am 43 years old and a prisoner in my own home!

I am a professional and cannot do my job, my wage was our main income. Let us all shout from the rooftops on this one.

I believe many cases are being revised ‘quietly’ to avoid compensation.

We, like DePuy victims should be compensated and I will not rest until I get justice for myself and ewveryone else who has suffered at the hands of these manufacturers.

Please feel free to contact me on tabather@talktalk.net

Bear in mind I am in the UK but this affects us all regardless of which side of the pond we live.