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Comment: February 2006 at the age of 39, I had a BHR. MoM, on my Left Hip.  Done on the NHS.

Every thing I thought was fine.  Got full mobility back.  No pain.  Loved it.

In fact, in October 2010, I went to my DR in regards to getting my Right hip done. I wanted another BHR.

Sent me for X-Rays etc.  Nothing about having ion blood test.  Did get asked if I ever had one?  My reply was no.  My surgeon last words were, only come back if you get a problem.  Nothing about getting tested.

So, by now I have left the UK and now living in Australia.

My husband and I took out private health care, because of my hip problem.  I have mild hip Dysplasia.

Confirming that I would need to go through another surgery, I put off having the surgery until I thought it was the right time to get it done.

August 2011 I looked into surgeons who do do BHR.  As my Left hip was still not causing any pain.

It was only when I booked in to see a surgeon, did he ask questions, and showed concerns of a cyst over my Left Acetabulum implant.

Here I was asked if I ever had a test done for ions?

First thing first, he sent me for a blood test and a MRI and more X-rays.

I got called back to the surgeons office.

My ion levels were

1220 *nmol/L  (Chromium 63.5 *ug)
1849 *nmol/L (Cobalt 109.0 *ug/L)

That put paid to me having my Right hip done with a BHR.

My Left hip got revised in November 2011.

I am hoping to get my Right hip done early this year some time.

I knew there had been a recall on Depuy and J&J.  But not much on S&N?

Looking back over the past 2009/2010, I was experiencing head ache, not like the normal head ache, but pressure building inside my head.  Forgetfulness.  Menopause symptoms which my test came back normal for.

Prior to my revision hip on November 2011, its all a bit of a blur.  Nose bleeds, hormones up the poll, fatigue was the biggest over all factor.  Really having to listen to people hard and concentrate on tasks.  There were times where my body hurt and I had no energy.

Over my revised Left hip op, nose bleeds are far less.  Menopause symptoms have gone, no fatigue, and no ringing in the ears and having to concentrate on everything one at a time.  Multi tasking is back on the agenda.

I so happen to be reading the Telegraph on 31 January, when I saw the article about S&N implant recall.

Found this blog, and I am adding my story.

Ions in the blood, interest me?  Having a group fitness background, keeping fit is part of my job and helping other gain fitness.

So this is why I am looking into BHR and people who have experienced similar to myself.

I am waiting on my Bio-mechanics report on my BHR implant.  Apparently makes interesting reading.

My consultant is doing a paper on his findings.

I look forward to seeing him again in March to talk about these findings.

If they get reported or forward to some where.

Information needs to be logged.

Still in the process of retrieving my operation medical notes from 2/2006.  Both my Consultant and myself have requested them, and any prior x-rays etc.  So far heard nothing back.

Harder again as I am out the country.

One positive thing has come from this, I have not been a burden on the NHS system this time.  Not sure how long I would of had to waited.

Would love information and updates on this matter.

Your sincerely