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Good Morning Earl,

I have been battling my Biomet Magnum M2A hip since it was implanted some eight years ago.. On August 28, 2013 I had that hip replaced with a ceramic device. The relief has been INCREDIBLE!

During the past eight years I have dealt with pain 24/7 and tried everything imaginable (including more than 40 outpatient pain blocks!) all to no avail. I’ve spent countless hours in doctor’s offices, doing various types of physical therapy, filling out forms, waiting for prescriptions to be filled…… you name it. I’ve lost my career, and have not earned one dime of income during this time. Most of my life was spent sitting atop the bed with my leg elevated. That-plus pain medication-was my only way of obtaining any relief. Even then the pain never stopped.

I want to describe this pain in detail. Any number of sensations appeared in various order with no real rhyme or reason. The worst was the sensation of my femur throbbing-just like a toothache inside of the bone. I also experienced stinging and burning in my thigh and buttock on that side. Often, my thigh would feel three times the normal size-as if were going to burst like a water balloon. I had pain behind my knee, pain in my calf muscle, pain in my shin…. even my toes! (Every single symptom is gone and yet only the articulation was revised; my surgeon found the implant in my femur to be solid and therefore he did not replace that part. I still have some surgical pain which is normal at this stage.)

In recovery, my surgeon was beaming as he explained what he found during my replacement surgery: The Biomet hip was covered with scar tissue (and a lot of fluid) so thick that he described it as a “rind” while cutting his way through. The scar tissue was so extensive that he repeatedly lengthened my incision for additional access. Apparently this scar tissue had entrapped many nerves, thus causing the misery I had endured for so long. Most importantly: this scar tissue and accompanying fluid did not appear on any x-ray, bone scan, MRI, CAT scan, etc. I was evaluated by four different Orthopedic surgeons over the years, yet the results were always the same: My implant was perfectly aligned, there was no apparent loosening, no cysts, no infection, etc. Obviously no surgeon would commit to operating on a patient who had no apparent problems. Finally I found a surgeon who listened carefully and took a more aggressive course of action. Thanks to a simple hip aspiration, within a few weeks I was on my way to an end of eight painful years. I would be happy to share additional details with anyone else that might benefit from my experience.



Time: September 26, 2013 at 12:38 am