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Hi Earl

I had my first BHR hip resurfacing implant inserted in 2003 and the second on the other hip in 2004.  Like other folks my problem is not with the surgeons but with the implant manufacturers Smith & Nephew.

My implants are MoM and I have been experiencing pain around the implants for some time now but only recently had some investigations done as it was dismissed before as normal wear and tear. An U/S confirmed that I have fluid surrounding both hip implants and am due to have an MRI in early April. At the same time I have been offered cortisone injections into both hip joints.

I have been feeling generally unwell for some time now and did not relate it to metal poisoning till recently.  I have had the blood test to check levels of metal but cannot seem to get the results.  The hospital is being a bit evasive about it.

I also have spinal problems and have been offered surgery on my neck but this may be totally unrelated to the MoMs.  Besides that I have plastic joint implants in both big toes and excruciating pain at the base of the other toes, pain in both knees and hands.

Currently I will wait for the MRI results before deciding whether or not to go ahead with neck surgery as there is only so much I can cope with at one time.

Best wishes to all fellow sufferers.