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Great to see the activity pick up re: metal on metal hip devices, and yes they can be hazardous to your health, although Vicky Marlow has several valid points Smith and Nephew have some good products, devices on the market that have save or helped thousands of people.

However they used a device that’s materials were not compatible.Introducing
a foreign body into our bodies doesn’t work all the time, people’s bodies do not always accept the new body part. Resultingly, a condition can take place within the hip patients that causes the loss of all the tissue or severally damages,deteriorates other tissue and muscle that once supported my hip.

Yes Vicky there are more success stories via BHR,and that is great, there are more and more people coming forward with BHR problems. Some may be human error,some maybe from unexpected fall, some because not compatible with some humans.

The number of these people is increasing, in time you will see cases filed.

In 2004, the BHR was denied approval in the USA through a pma program. There was a single patient group supplying all the statistical research data, this group was  from out of this country, McMinn one of the BHR inventors worked for Smith+Nephew, and he reportedly was payed $50 million dollars more or less once the BHR was approved. Plus the application was missing other required information. So the device was turned down. The FDA also expressed concern regarding metal particles in our bodies what would the outcome be.

In 2006 using all the same data used in the pma approval attempt of 2004 the BHR was approved in the USA. The approval did have stipulations: one I recall had Smith+Nephew reporting every 6 months as new things learned re: metal on metal shavings entering the human body.

Vicky I don’t understand your 14 years of use, not in this country if got its approval in 2006.

I don’t think any medical device manufacturer could give you much data about these new hips. How long to they work, limitations, can they cause harm to one’s health, including the materials used as being the bad guy.

BHR came into our market place when DePuy,ASR,Stryker, etc. were having problems with their metal on metal hip devices, so it was an opoprtune time to market a new and greatest hip, BHR. The data could have easily been tainted considerating the times. Smith+Nephew paid part of a $311 million dollar fine along with 4 other large device manufacturers. Payment of the fine stopped the Federal Government from pursuing a case involving kickback payments, to doctors, hospitals,distributors etc. some of these bonuses were vactions (hunting,fishing) cars, house, low interest loans. Several of these same companies got caught again. Now the FEDS are investigating PODS, a means or vehicle used to pay other parties indirectly.

You all must get yourselfs well and strong first, then tackle the giants if you had or have a valid claim.

Be patient this will be tough, on you even moreso than what you are going through now. Don’t get down in a whole sometimes we feel a little sorry for ourselves because of what has happened to us physically, mentally,financially,family and what has happened to me as an individual.


Howard Sadwin