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More and more people are sharing their stories of suffering because of this hip debacle. This is great, let’s others know they are not alone, and in many instances shared information has helped people.

However, getting well and regaining one’s health is number one, after going through any hip or knee procedure.

Once you have become well again, what are you going to do in order for you to help others?

If a medical device manufacturer is at fault, then it is your obligation to take whatever steps are necessary to see devices are properly tested, and laws that were written in the 1970’s are changed. Changed so the device manufacturer, if at fault, is no longer immune from an individual seeking compensation.

If you don’t help, these laws will remain in tack until another unecessary life altering disaster such as we are experiencing can be avoided; metal on metal hips.

Aside from the different device manufacturers and their hip devices, the facts seem apparent metal on metal may be hazerdous to one’s health. If you are experiencing difficulties with such a device, see your surgeon, if they don’t correct the problem then find a specialist that deals with such problems.

Suggestion, find a surgeon that specializes in hip or knee problems. They may suggest having an mri. I had multiple x-rays and the same result knee looked fine, hip looked fine.

Don’t second guess, if your body is telling you something is not right, search until you get satisfaction and hopefully relief.

I can only share pass experience, metal on metal is not necessarily man’s or women’s best friend don’t wait.


Howard Sadwin