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I saw the surgeon today – revision operation planned for 1st September – will be a total revision – out with the S&N Birmingham Spectron unit and in with a Zimmer ceramic on ceramic revision system.

Will have to dig out the acetabular cup and hopefully just a simple bone graft to fill in the void – otherwise a metal “packer” will be used.

The femoral implant will be removed and cement chipped out – surgeon is hoping he wont have to split the bone – if so, then a few wires will have to go around the femur to aid initial strength.

Will be a 3 – 4 hour operation with quite a few involved as you can imagine.

Then in about 6 months I will have my left hip replaced for the first time!

All good fun – at least I get to have a holiday for a few weeks!

And I am going to take my own castor oil to hospital so I don’t get that @@@### constipation again – that is the worst thing ever!



Here is the Hardware

Trabecular Metal Acetabular Revision System Brochure TMARS 97-7255-049-00 Rev 1-08-2010

Ceramic inserts are all made by Ceramtec in Franceclick here



ZMR™ Hip System

The ZMR Hip System is designed to provide exceptional intraoperative flexibility to meet the unpredictable demands of revision hip arthroplasty. This accommodates a wide variety of bone conditions that are often not revealed until the time of surgery.

The system also accommodates a number of fixation philosophies, including distal fixation, proximal fixation, and extensive porous fixation.


Zimmer Modular Revision Hip Replacement

The Cone and Taper Body designs provide the opportunity for infinite version adjustment. The proximal body can be placed in any position relative to the distal stem to address various anatomic distortions that may be encountered.

Three Body Options

The ZMR Hip System includes three distinct Porous Body styles.

Spline Stem Options

Spline Stem Options

Straight and bowed Spline Stems are available in up to three stem lengths, in six diameters, to optimize patient fit. The coronal slot makes the distal stem more flexible, allowing for easier stem insertion.

Porous Stem Options

Porous Stem Options

Straight and bowed Porous Stems are available in up to three stem lengths, in eight diameters, to optimize patient fit. The Porous Stems are coated with plasma-sprayed Tivanium??-6A1-4V Alloy to allow for biological fixation.

Taper Stem Options

Taper Stem Options

The corundumized, splined Taper Stem is designed to provide distal fixation that transmits axial, torsional, and bending loads to the adjacent bone.

Please refer to the package inserts for complete product information, including contraindications, warnings, precautions, and adverse effects.

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