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Hi everyone,

I have been making good progress since the hip revision 1 September – exercising each day. I am now fairly good at only low levels of pain killers – each day gets better.

I have been working from home part time when not resting and this seems to be helping the boredom of recovery! I have also been really busy responding to lots of comments on the blog – there are a lot of people going through all kinds of issues with their hip implants.

One common theme seems to be that some surgeons bury their heads in the sand and make their patients feel like absolute idiots if they happen to suggest the hip replacement hurts. Several of us have had that issue – and then presto a second opinion or some letter from the hip manufacturer and then they spring into action and identify “a hip or metal on metal problem” followed by quick replacement of the affected hip.

What is it with some doctors and insurance companies that makes them think that all patients are whinging idiots looking for sympathy for non-existent ailments?

We know our bodies and the pain better than they will ever know – listen to us.

The other theme is that a number of patients, like me have auto-immune disorders and this seems to predispose us to metal on metal sensitivity?

A more holistic approach to diagnosis and  treatment would be great.

Here is a picture of my wound healing nicely Day 20:

And here is the X-Ray of the hardware underneath!