I couldn’t let this time of year pass without sending out a big wish for a better year ahead to all of the wonderful people who I have met on this site (and elsewhere as I traverse this incredibly challenging journey that I know many of you are/have faced!!). I just want to applaud all of you for showing far greater spirit, integrity, honesty, fight, determination, not to mention morals and survival skills than the ‘people’ (a term I use very loosely!) who developed, marketed, sold and ultimately ‘recalled’ the MOM technology that has put many of us where we are today! I want to wish each and every one of you a better year ahead, the strength to keep fighting for answers and the belief that no matter how bad your health has deteriorated, we will find some answers and hopefully those responsible will finally be held to account!

I don’t know how things are progressing in the USA, given the time of year slowly I suspect, but here in Australia there are a number of developing issues that I am aware of. Firstly, I have it on good authority that the long suffering Birmingham patients might finally have someone in the legal field who is preparing the groundwork for the type of legal challenge that we in the ASR camp are now neck deep in. I would advise you to keep an eye out in the New Year for this and of course as soon as anything official is in play I will pass it on to the oracle that runs this site for he deserves the pleasure of announcing this!! Secondly, and slightly more alarmingly, it appears that J&J are getting desperate here and are trying to use their influence and power to corrupt people’s cases against them. I (and others) have recently been told that for any further financial/medical support under their ‘reimbursement program’, we now have to see an “independent” surgeon of THEIR CHOOSING for a medical review, now I don’t know about you, but the wording of “an independent surgeon of our choosing” tends to ring some serious alarm bells in my head!!! Apart from the obvious questions about how ‘truly independent’ this doctor would be, why not use a court appointed doctor?? However they are using the threat of cutting off all support to railroad us into this, nice move arseholes, however what they seem to have forgotten is that we aren’t all animals who will follow the leader into the killing pen for slaughter, we are actually intelligent human beings who can communicate and use our minds to fight even if our bodies mightn’t be up to it. I can honestly tell you, all that they are looking for is any shred of ‘medical evidence’ in each of our cases that they can blame our problems on, rather than the destruction and poison that they put in our bodies!!

If this has happened to you please don’t consider it, talk it over with your legal representatives (or get one if you don’t already have one), or if you trust your GP or current surgeon please talk to them about it, and then make your own mind up. I am very concerned that as the time draws closer for us to ‘have our day in court’ (scheduled for June 2014 here in Australia), that their level of desperation is only going to grow! The truly sad part of all of this is that the only people who are making money out of all of this at the moment are the surgeons who are trying to ‘repair the damage’, the lawyers fighting the legal side of things and of course the ‘loss mitigation experts’ (Crawford and Co here in Australia) who have been engaged to ‘deal with us patients’ so that J&J/DePuy don’t have to! It would actually be far cheaper for J&J to just negotiate with each of us and look after us, but apparently that doesn’t fit their corporate Image!! (If you google ‘Johnson and Johnson Litigation’, there are 5,000,000 hits, nice corporate image that one!!)

Anyway, the sun will be coming up soon and I am taking my family away on holiday today, so my apology ahead of time if I don’t reply to anyone for a bit as it is a computer free holiday! I do seriously hope that all of you do have a better year, that the pain isn’t too much to handle, that you get honest and ethical medical treatment, and above all else that you are at least surrounded by people who care about you and support you. I wish this with everything I have and am very much looking forward to sharing with and meeting more of the amazing people that find this blog!

Take care, don’t let the bastards ever beat you and as I have said before, if you aren’t getting the answers you want then look for them elsewhere!! Happy 2014!!

Stu Cain