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Better late than never!

hell-freezes-overOrganized American orthopedics has just recognized that a blood cobalt level of 10 mcg/Liter  (same as 166 nmoles/Liter) and the development of symptoms consistent with cobaltism (poor sleep, mood changes, tinnitus, fatigue, weakness, tinnitus, deafness, visual changes, cardiomyopathy) is an indication have a metal-on-metal hip (stemmed or resurfacing) revised.

These guidelines are 4 years tardy but may improve the prospects of the million aware and unmonitored patients implanted with metal-on-metal hips.

Hopefully it will discourage surgeons from preforming any more hip resurfacings.

Click on this link to read the whole paper  Risk stratification Algorithm MoM 2014

The age of miracles is not yet past, it seems!