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Hi Howard,
I just received the following message today when I checked my email:

Dear Mr. Brooks,

I obtained an update on your file. [DELETED IN CASE LAWYERS GET SHITTY] have determined to not pursue any Smith & Nephew claims wherein any component consists of a Birmingham device. There may be other firms with a different opinion, so I recommend you consult with another firm as soon as possible. I will also send you a letter in the mail advising you of same. I am sorry to communicate this to you in writing, however I did not want to call you too early.

So here we have a large firm — actually two firms that work in tandem — refusing to take even the 510k BHR THA! I can’t believe it! I am apoplectic and beside myself. How can these bastards destroy a person’s body and get away with it? So yeah, like your post says, these law firms want only the low-hanging Depuy fruit right now, so it appears we may have to wait for Smith and Nephew to recall their product. I can tell you this, every person in my town is going to read and/or hear about this now!

I agree something must be done, so I’m going to contact all television stations and newspapers out here and see if anything comes of it.

It will be awhile before I come back on here, as my recently revised THA has taken a serious turn for the worse, and I have experienced incredible pain — bony pain down near my rear end (that means the pelvis and the acetabular cup to me). The pain was so intense (after I apparently took a step incorrectly) — that I’m back on the walker, can’t bend over at all again (after finally getting better last week) and loaded up with pain relievers. I have an expedited appointment with my surgeon next week, and almost went back to the emergency room again (been there twice since my surgery due to metalosis/necrosis. My leg swelled up so big it looked like a python that had swallowed an alligator. I had severe pain for three weeks (pitting edema) that migrated down my leg past my knee (On the revision side). The doctor has no explanation, but agrees it MAY have something to due with the toxicity of the implant and the cutting loose all of the dead and/or contaminated flesh. It MAY have something to do with it — really, doc? Is that your careful diagnosis? Your a pitiful disgrace to your profession, and it will now take all of the restraint I can muster not to verbally blow this guy out of his chair next Tuesday, friggin’ ‘Bonesmith’!

I am so pissed off right now I can’t even think right, these bastards! And mine’s not even a PMA approved device! Good God, how can this be happening, where the agency put in place to protect us (FDA, aka Failed Device Administration) has been bought and sold by lobbying firms like AdvaMed, who like all other lobbyists in our country are simply ‘investing’ money in members of Congress to get the results they desire. What country is this we’re living in, man?

I may go after the hospital for negligence, as no warning was given to me about metal ions and my records say it was. But I have obtained a copy of the actual consent form and there is no mention on it at all, so the hospital has essentially falsified records to cover their behinds. My records say two different things, and that is highly unethical. This is a prestigious hospital so they won’t like the article my newspaper wants to print about me (My lawyers, the ones who dropped me, insisted I didn’t give an interview with my name, so the medical reporter’s editor wouldn’t let him do it. That will now change post haste.

If that fails I’m going to picket the hospital who did the work by wearing a sandwich-board sign while supported by my walker, with the letters this hospital injures people and lies on their records to protect themselves.

I guess we have to hang in there, but I don’t feel like doing that right now.

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