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Thanks for your site and the information you have provided.

I am a 55 yr old wife, mother, and grandmother facing 2 revisions for bilateral BMR.

Rt. hip began “clunking” within 12 months. I was told it would “settle in”.

Last year my abdomen became distended and I was diagnosed with abscesses in both psoas muscles.

Since the hip X-rays ” looked great”, the larger abscess was aspirated, no infection was found and I was told the problem wasn’t my hips. Four additional aspirations were performed.

After reading this web site and other cases on the web, I sent my case information to a surgeon at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville Fl.

It was immediately accepted and after a consult and further diagnostics, metallosis was confirmed.

Extensive metal debris is apparent, chromium level is 40.9.

I was told to prepare for my life ” never being the same again”, daily physical therapy, muscle weakness due to loss of the psoas muscles and constant pain.

Not to mention the permanent  loss of my hip, thigh, buttock and back tissue.

The psoas muscle abscess is a rare occurrence but it does occur. I want to get this information out.

My gastroenterologist was clueless as to a potential cause and X-rays were normal.

Everyone with BHR is at risk.

My first surgery is scheduled for July 9. Hopefully the second one can be performed in Oct. Then a long long road ahead.

My frustration is only exacerbated by the knowledge that these hips are still being implanted in the US.

It is very apparent that most physicians are unaware of the problems or the symptoms.

I even had one surgeon tell me that he would replace the hip ” in 45 minutes”.

When I asked about the abscesses, he said that “wasn’t his concern”!

An important side note…my surgeon instructed me to increase iron and calcium intake prior to surgery.

I began researching supplements for increasing collagen and muscle and learned that Vitamin  B 12 is a form of cobalt. After bringing this to my physician’s attention, she advised me to discontinue everything with B 12.  Hopefully she will add this to her instructions for patients with metallosis.

I am also having success with kinesiotaping. It is helping to stabilize my hips and strengthen the existing muscle prior to the surgery.

I found a wonderful physical therapist who is helping me “pre – hab with isometric and pool exercises. I hope that strengthening the healthy muscles now will help compensate for the loss of the diseased muscles.