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Hello, I’m a family doctor in Dallas, TX and patients need to be informed of vital key issues related to ALL pain syndromes … All Pain Syndromes … Facial Pain as in Trigeminal Neuralgia or Hip/Back pain.

This information will help folks make better informed future decisions and counsel others in the beginning of their pain journey to get the appropriate help.

  1. All non-infectious/cancer pain IS caused by muscle and/or connective tissue (Myofascial) until proven otherwise. The way to prove this is by relentlessly treating it with myofascial therapies. All myofascial pain is treatable!
  2. Janet G. Travell, M.D., George Stuart Hackett, M.D., C. Chan Gunn, M.D., David G. Simons and many other respected pioneers in myofascial pain therapy, noted that the joint proper will not cause stubborn short-term miserable pain. (< 3-12 months).
  3. Not treating myofascial tissue pain syndromes will lead to the compromise and ultimate demise of joints, vascular and nervous tissues, thus leading to arthropathy, vascular and neuropathy; Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy and Joint Ankylosis.
  4. Joint stiffness/ankylosis, scaring, degeneration and ultimate demise will be accelerated by delays in therapy, long-term ignorance and steroids into the joint space.
  5. Treating chronic myofascial pain with opiates will making therapy more difficult and will make patients dependent on narcotics.

Here is a list of the most powerful myofascial therapy in order of complexity.

  • Massage,
  • Wellness,
  • Stretching,
  • Spray and Stretch,
  • Chiropractic manipulations,
  • acupuncture,
  • IMS,
  • trigger points injections.

Stephen S. Rodrigues, MD, Dallas, TX