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Legal help sought – Cormet Hip -Isn’t there some way to get beyond PMA preemptive device approval?

Like so many others, I bought the dream of a reinvigorated lifestyle and a return to activities that I valued.  ”You’re young and fit, a prime candidate for resurfacing.  I have patients that are running marathons and skiing within 4 months.”  In go a couple of Cormet Cups and so starts the decline.

Within 2 months the pain starts to and is attributed to the 2% of patients that get heterotopic ossification.  So chalk that up to fate and move on.

Within 4 months the pain is so sharp that I can’t put weight on the left leg and within a week the femoral head has snapped.     That puts me in the 1% group so now I am 1% of 2%.  In goes a full revision, but let’s make sure that one is fully metal too, this time make it a Stryker please.

The pain continues, strength plateaus then maybe even declines and the surgeon tells me I am ready for soccer.  I tell him I am not, and he says that I am ready for yoga.   On my nth visit apparently he has done some reading because, though I was supposed to be ready for soccer, it is now time for a blood test.  The folks in the lab tell me that I am the third ion test that this particular surgeon has ordered today…..hmmmm, something has changed.  Both readings (Chromium and Cobalt) are over 7 and the surgeon tells me I have a problem that only 3% of patients develop.  So now I am in a select group of patients that can claim to be 3% of 1% of 2%.

For the curious among us, that puts me at the 0.0006% mark meaning that of 1,000,000 people to get hip resurfacing only 6 will develop this set of conditions.  Now I don’t think that there have been that many resurfacings yet (despite the effectiveness of the marketing videos and doctor’s pitches) so I am truly very special.

But I don’t feel special.  I feel rotten.  And I am angry because everyone got what they wanted except for me…….the guy who paid for all of this work and endured the recovery, the fractures, the pain and the revisions (now on my 2nd and about to go for my 3rd).

And now, after speaking with over 10 legal firms, no one is willing to take this case because Cormet has PMA from the FDA.  They crossed a bridge that keeps them safe and no legal firm sees it to be worth their while to take this on when there are DePuy suits to be filed that are so much easier.

I know that I am not alone, that there are many others who are suffering much worse than I am.  I do not mean to whine and in fact am keeping my chin up.  But there must be other Cormet sufferers out there?  Is there some legal group willing to help us to reclaim some bit of our original expectations?  This just ain’t right.


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