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I have been reading through your site and felt the need to tell my story.

I have always suffered with my hip as hip dysplacia was not picked up until I was 14 (despite being taken to the doctors numerous times).

Anyway I had to have a operation then to try and reline the hip joint I think the procedure was a kiari osteotomy where I had to have my pelvis broken and moved around to make some kind of hip. This was not particularly successful and I started to take painkillers from around that time.

In 2005 at the age of 34 I had my left hip partially resurfaced with a birmingham hip and the bit in my pelvis replaced, since then I have lived with constant chronic pain, a limp,swelling around the scar that is noticable through clothes. I am always tired and cannot remember things from 1 day to the next, sometimes I take 2 lots of painkillers as I cant remember if I’ve had them.

Its awful I’m now on antidepressants to see if I will be able to cope better with the pain.

Since the operation I have repeatedly told the surgeon about the pain etc but I am told each time it’s damage from the first operation that is causing this.

I don’t believe this to be the case and all my family and friends have commented on the fact that I’m in worse health since having this done.

I have had 1 blood test 2 years ago from which I never got to know the results, but I’m back at the hospital on Monday where I will be looking for answers.

I’m not going to be fobbed off any more. I can not remember what it is like not to be in pain, but what is the most upsetting is I have 3 children who I have never been able to run around with or play football with and that I can never get back.

I really hope S&N get taken to court and have to pay for all the hardship us test experiments have had to live with.