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Leading UK Lawyers specialising in defective product claims are instructed to investigate and bring four additional brands of metal on metal hip implants.

Specialist lawyers at Irwin Mitchell Solicitors are instructed by individuals who have been injured from the following metal on metal hip implants:

  • Finsbury Adept Total Hip Replacements
  • Finsbury Adept Resurfacing Implants with femoral head components 46mm or smaller
  • Birmingham Hip Resurfacing Implants with femoral head components 42mm or smaller
  • Wright Medical Conserve Plus Resurfacing

In addition to these hip implants, Irwin Mitchell solicitors are also one of the leading law firms pursuing claims relating to the DePuy ASR total hip replacements and resurfacings, DePuy  Pinnacle total hip replacements, Corin Cormet resurfacings and Zimmer Durom total hip replacements and resurfacings.

Kevin Timms, a specialist medical product liability lawyer at Irwin Mitchell is representing people harmed by problems with metal on metal hips, said:

Kevin Timms: “We have found that people are suffering from the same problems with metal on metal hip implants regardless of the brand of device that has been used.

“We are receiving a large number of enquiries from people who have had issues with all four brands of implants. It is vital that specialist medical product liability solicitors are handling these claims who have a proven track record with complex product liability group actions and who have the resources to fight for their clients’ interests.

“In our experience many people with these implants don’t understand that different metal on metal hips have different rates of revision after their first operation. What is clear, however, is that the hip implants our clients’ have been provided with do not perform as they were expected to and are not, in fact, suitable for younger active individuals as compared with more traditional hip implants.

“At Irwin Mitchell, we have identified that there are a large number of patients with these implants who have been without recourse or representation and we are developing group actions in respect of these implants.”

The Birmingham Hip Resurfacing (BHR), manufactured by Smith & Nephew, has been claimed to be the best performing metal on metal hip implant on the market. However, the size of the components used dictate how well a BHR is likely to perform.  A study of the BHR has shown that despite the 42mm femoral head component still being available on the market and not having been recalled by Smith & Nephew, it has a revision rate of 8.3% at five years and 11.76% at seven years. Over 18,000 patients have been supplied with BHR implants in the UK across the entire size range.

In contrast with the BHR, the Finsbury Adept resurfacing, manufactured by Finsbury Orthopaedics Limited, has been recalled. The Adept resurfacing implants with a 46mm or smaller femoral head has a similar revision rate as the BHR with 11.64% at seven years. Over 3,200 Adept resurfacing implants have been used in the UK across the entire size range.

Finsbury Orthopaedics Limited, a DePuy company and part of the Johnson & Johnson Group, has also recalled its Adept 12/14 Modular head, the total hip replacement version of the Adept implant. This implant was recalled because its revision rate at seven years was 12.1%. Over 7,500 of these implants have been used across 21 countries.

Another hip implant with an unacceptably high revision rate, which has yet to be recalled, is the Wright Medical Conserve Plus resurfacing with a revision rate of 10.63% at seven years.

There are a number of problems that patients can experience with metal on metal hip implants, some of which can leave lasting disabilities.

If you or a loved one have a metal on metal hip implant in the UK and have suffered problems please contact the specialise medical product lawyers at Irwin Mitchell on 0870 1500 100 or visit our website to contact us online:



Kevin Timms
Product Liability
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