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Hip disorder cured using stem cells.

Hip disorder cured using stem cells

Last Updated: Sunday, October 21, 2012,11:57

Hip disorder cured using stem cellsBangalore: A multi-specialty hospital here has successfully used stem cells to cure a hip joint disorder, relieving affected patients from expensive surgery and conservative treatment.

“We have so far treated seven patients, including two non-resident Indians (NRIs) suffering from hip joint disorder using their stem cells and helped them to resume normal life within months,” Live 100 Hospital chairman HN Nagaraj said.

Known medically as avascular necrosis, the uncommon disease leads to temporary or permanent loss of blood supply to hip joint bone and causes disorder. If not treated early, the dislocation of the hip bone with joint surface can result in disability. Any serious injury, medications such as steroids, blood coagulation or excessive alcohol can cause blood loss.

“Stem cell therapy has been used for the first time in…

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