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In 2009 I was 53 years old and found out I needed my right hip replaced. I decided to have the BHR because the doctor told me it was perfect for me as it would last 30 years and I would be able to continue my active lifestyle with no changes after a 6 week recovery.

I was fine for almost 3 years. In June of 2012 I started experiencing a lot of pain and trouble walking. In Sept I went to my surgeon who “just hated to tell me” but my stem had come loose and was moving around. He told me I had 2 weeks to get a revision. When I asked how that could have happened he told me that “they just didn’t know”.
That was my first revision, where the Dr. just replaced the stem. He also made my leg 1″ longer than it had been. I had constant pain for months and was having a very difficult time with my back because of the added leg length. I called him several times to ask him if this pain was normal and he kept telling me I wasn’t exercising enough and that I just had to get used to my longer leg. He never looked at me once after the day of the surgery, I saw his assistant for follow up visits. Also, this is the doctor that is supposed to be “the expert” in BHR. Trained in the UK and brought the procedure to the US.

In March 2013 I started to hear about problems with the MOM implants. I called my Dr. and when I asked, much to my surprise, he told me my implant was MOM. I was shocked because my surgery was so long after the problems they had known about. I asked if I needed my blood checked for metal Ions but he told me they only checked patients that were symptomatic and not to worry, I was fine. I also told him that I was still experiencing a lot of pain. Once again he told me I was not exercising enough and that it would probably take longer to heal because it was the second time.
I was done with him after that conversation.

I went for a second opinion…

This doctor told me that I had the MOM implant which he hadn’t used in years because of so many problems. Then he told me that my stem had moved and was loose and that I needed to have my blood checked for metal. A few days later he called to tell me my cobalt level was 2.2. He said because of that and the loose stem, I would need revision surgery again and the entire implant needed to be replaced.

With my doctor bills, which have been ridiculous, and all of the work I missed, it has been financially devastating. Plus I have been extremely depressed since the day the doctor told me I needed yet another revision.

I had the second revision Jan. 2014. I had a fracture where the cup was removed and also 2 large screws had to be used because there was so little bone left. (I’m a small person). This new doctor also made my leg shorter because he said the first doctor had made it too long. I’m also still having trouble with my back and walking in general. (My leg is yet a different length than it was originally). I’m still going to physical therapy but it has been very slow going.

I talked to an attorney right away in January about a malpractice lawsuit. I was just told that there is nothing he can do. Their is no proof the first doctor did anything wrong. I just don’t understand and I’m devastated! I have tried numerous attorneys to file a lawsuit against Smith & Nephew but, like everyone else, I’ve been told that’s not possible… The FDA is protecting them.

I also had to have my thyroid removed in July 2013. Who knows if that had anything to do with the MOM.

I am beside myself over all of this and yet I know ther are many others who have had it so much worse. Physically, financially and emotionally it has been really difficult and it is so unfair. I just hope and pray that they do something soon about Smith & Nephew before the statute of limitations is up for all of us.

I hope all turns out well for all of you that are suffering with so many serious issues!

Please let me know if you here news in regard to any of this. I have learned so much from this site and I really appreciate that!

Thanks for listening! It really helps to tell my story to people that understand the situation.