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I had a mag. biomed hip replacement in 2005 while I was still teaching. I went back to work and was none the wiser about the problems of M o M replacements for eight years!!

It was only after a really bad fall on ice – after which I couldn’t walk – that I discovered I had cobalt and chromium problems.

I returned to the surgeon who performed the op. to seek his help with the injury.

When he took a blood sample I was baffled but he then explained to me that many people had high levels of cobalt and chromium. Ever the optimist, I said to him that I probably wasn’t affected too badly.

The following week, I found out that my cobalt and chromium levels were very high.

This surgeon advised me to have regular blood tests and live with the cobalt rather than risk another op.

Since moving away from London, I have seen a new surgeon who is advising a revision asap. He tells me that the original surgeon put the large MoM in at the wrong angle.

Could this possibly be the reason the first surgeon didn’t want me to have a revision, in case this was found out?

Anyway, I am off to see the new surgeon tomorrow prior to being admitted for revision surgery. I am so pleased to read of so many people on this site who have had the revision done successfully. I have had no real outward symptoms as a result of the cobalt.

However, in the last eighteen months the vision in my left eye has deteriorated. It was excellent previously. I have found out that I have had a crossed vein occlusion behind the left eye and that fluid is building up. I’ve now got to go to have an injection in my eye. The ophthalmic doctor said the cause is unknown, but I’m wondering if it could be the effects of the cobalt?

What I would like to know is: did the cobalt in my case start leaking from day 1 or did it happen after the fall I had?

Best wishes to everyone and thanks for this site,