For those who have followed Howard’s epic battle post-BHR, you will be saddened to hear he is back in the wars again.

Here is a note he sent from his hospital bed today.

Been tougher trip than I anticipated that’s why you haven’t heard from me.

My TKR was put on hold due to infections in my both hip areas.

The Ball and stem that was removed were the BHR replacements.

My surgeon was concerned of infection spreading so he removed- replaced and cleaned out old BHR nightmare.

Thought we were on right path so I went home to get well.

That didn’t last long as I started developing those low grade fevers and just didn’t feel good.

A wet MRI showed infection in both hip muscles.

Back in hospital IV antibiotics etc etc seemed stable enough to go home after another 6 days in hospital.

Today July 11-12 after my 3rd DR appointment I said to Nancy didn’t feel good. Got home and Nancy took my temperature and it was 102.4 + So tonight I’m laying in my hospital bed again hooked up to more IV and other good chemicals trying to rid myself of this ????

Next week DR may be taking 18 year old plastic hip out ??

Just a big cluster f**k.

Thank you BHR.