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photos July Aug Sept 12 594Stuart Cain I was very interested to hear my surgeon say today that the Birmingham cases he is seeing are now out numbering the ASR and regardless of the fact that they are similar technology it has just taken 5 more years for the BHR cases to finally start coming to a head. I laughed at him and told him that there have been just as many BHR cases going bad, but for some reason we ASR ones have had all the attention. He did go on to state that regardless of the ‘attention’ he is having to do similar corrective surgeries (he did my 4th and 5th revisions of my ASR) of the BHR’s now and is starting to see more serious issues. I mentioned to him that maybe that might be because the BHR cases have been neglected by their surgeons for so long, he agreed. For the record my surgeon has never used any MOM technology.


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