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Wouldn’t this be nice – ZIMMER develops a “once-in-a-lifetime” hip replacement that lasts 34 years

02.09.2014 Josh Sandberg Walter Eisner • Wed, August 27th, 2014

Zimmer Holdings, Inc. says it has the only laboratory tested hip replacement technology that mimics the number of steps a person will take during their lifetime following hip replacement surgery.

While not exactly a warranty, Zimmer said on August 22, 2014, that it believes its Vivacit-E Vitamin E highly crosslinked polyethylene (HXPE) liner is the “first hip replacement technology to demonstrate a lifetime of wear performance based on new material advancements and unprecedented testing.”

“Forever Hip”

In announcing the launch of a nationwide “Forever Hip” campaign, the company said ongoing laboratory testing of the liners has surpassed more than 34 years of walking activity. The liners, according to the company, continue to demonstrate ultra-low long-term wear properties under typical conditions and reduce one of the leading barriers to long-term hip replacement success. “Based on this extensive research, Vivacit-E Vitamin E HXPE is now the only hip replacement technology laboratory tested to mimic the number of walking steps a patient will typically take during their lifetime following hip replacement surgery.”


“Surgeons can now provide a once in a lifetime hip replacement technology for their most demanding patients,” said Matt Monaghan, senior vice president of Global Hips and Reconstructive Research for Zimmer. “This industry leading technology can potentially help patients avoid pain and lost time due to re-operation, as well as lessen the economic burdens that can strain patients and hospitals.”


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