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Are New Ortho Implants Properly Vetted?

Published: September 29, 2014

New implantable devices used in major joint replacement procedures are being introduced to the commercial market before clinical evidence shows they’re more effective than existing technologies, according to a study in The BMJ.

Researchers at Weill Cornell Medical College in New York City reviewed 118 clinical trials involving the use of ceramic-on-ceramic bearings, modular femoral necks and uncemented monoblock cups used during hip replacements as well as high flexion and gender-specific knee replacement systems. The review revealed none of the device innovations improved functional or patient-reported outcomes. Modular femoral necks and ceramic-on-ceramic bearings used in hip replacements and with high-flexion knee replacements also increased the incidence of revision surgery.

Additionally, ceramic-on-ceramic articulations, high-flexion implants used in total knee replacements and modular femoral necks used in hip replacements had higher failure rates than established implants, which suggest existing orthopedic implants might be safer options for total hip and knee procedures.

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