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Zimmer Durom Cup Hip Implant Lawsuit Settlement

Hip Replacement Revision Lawsuit Attorneys

Zimmer durom lawsuit settlementFollowing the failure reports of hundreds of Zimmer Durom Cup hip replacement surgeries, we are astounded by the audacity of Zimmer inc. in its efforts to convince patients to settle for what most often amounts to pennies on the dollar of their actual case value should they seek legal representation instead of actually contracting with a hip replacement lawsuit attorney to negotiate and maximize their settlement amounts.

What really peeves us about this situation is the amount of misinformation funnelled through to recipients of hip replacement implants via doctors who can sometimes be influenced by large corporations such as Zimmer Holdings. Do I Have A Lawsuit readers have contacted us with information about these so called settlement offers and for the most part we are completely appalled by what we consider to be manipulation of  these patient victims whom are possibily being taken advantage of due to lack of knowledge and what may possibly amount to coercion, sometimes with their very own doctor working with the manufacturer of these hip replacement cups such as the Zimmer Durom cup.

Hip replacement surgery is a fairly common procedure in the United States and quite a few makers of these devices have manufactured products that have held up for years without issue, however the Zimmer Durom Cup used in Hip replacement surgery has shown a very high rate of failure causing patients to require hip replacement revision surgeries along with possible pain and other side effects. These problems can be stressful and mentally traumatizing.

We do not feel the settlement amounts offered by Zimmer for these defective implants reflect fair compensation for the level of injury sustained both by these patients. Patients who have contacted an attorney for negotiation with Zimmer have enjoyed an immediate increase in their settlement offer.


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As always our associated attorneys are experts on in their field and you will not be charged anything up front.


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