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Makers of Zimmer Durom Hip Cup Sued for Failures

As a people, American‘s are living much longer than we used to. This is great news! But with a longer lifespan also comes new health problems. Because we’re living longer and more active lives, we sometimes outlive the life of our joints. In that case, they need to be replaced, through such procedures as hip or knee replacement surgery. Normally, these operations give people a new lease on their lives, but this isn’t always the case, and there can be complications. If you or someone you know has received a hip replacement, they will need to know the following information about faulty Zimmer Durom hip cups used in that operation.

Zimmer durom lawsuit settlement

If you’re an older American, it’s likely that you or someone that you know has needed a hip replacement. These surgeries, many of which involved the Zimmer Durom hip cup, are often seen as a way for otherwise healthy and active seniors to live longer, healthier lives, doing what they love to do. Normal wear and tear can lead to joint pain severe enough that hip replacement surgery is recommended. Chronic conditions such as arthritis also often lead to hip replacement, as do falls which lead to broken hips which have caused joint damage.

Hip replacement surgery involves the removal of the femur and hip joint. They are then replaced with artificial parts that are designed to allow for normal and healthy movement. Unfortunately, with older technology, these replacements often needed to be replaced themselves, leading to expensive and difficult repeat surgeries. The promise of the Zimmer Durom hip cup was that it would allow younger hip replacement recipients to use one replacement for the rest of their lives. Unfortunately, this has not been true.

Unfortunately, many of those patients who have been given the Zimmer Durom hip cup as a part of their hip replacement have needed to have further surgery. This is a surprise, because this particular device is marketed to younger hip replacement patients purposefully, so that they will not need further surgery. In fact, at one hospital which used the hip cup, 12 percent of those patients who received them needed further surgery within two years, a large number indeed. When contacted by the hospital, they were told that the issue was with ‘surgeon error,’ and not with the device.

The issue is not with surgeon error, but with the implant itself. When the Zimmer Durom hip cup was tested by the company, eight percent of those who received it needed a replacement in under two years. This number is incredibly high, and has led to serious problems for those needing a new replacement, and for those who are worried that their hip replacement may fail. Because of these issue, a class action law suit is being filed.

If you or a loved one have received a hip replacement, now is the time to ask your doctor if it involved the Zimmer Durom hip cup. If it did, you may have the right to sue, even if your replacement has not yet failed. Ask your doctor today.


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