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DePuy ASR ‘Poster lady’ sues hip implant firm

(UKPA) – 3 hours ago  

A former gymnast who was a “poster lady” for a hip resurfacing implant is taking legal action against its manufacturer after it left her in severe pain.

Penny Brown is joining a group action by more than 300 UK patients against DePuy – part of Johnson & Johnson – after doctors said she would need further surgery because the implant had worn prematurely.

The Articular Surface Replacement (ASR) was available to patients on the NHS and globally, but was withdrawn last year in a worldwide recall.

Patients have complained of a range of symptoms, including pain, while doctors have noticed high revision rates following operations.

Thousands of patients in countries worldwide are taking class action suits against DePuy.

Ms Brown, 51, who lives near Bath, agreed to advertise the ASR after undergoing an operation in 2004 to relieve her from constant pain caused by arthritis.

“I was advised to have the ASR resurfacing procedure rather than a total hip replacement on the basis that it would last much longer, be safer and reduce the likelihood of further surgery during my lifetime,” she said.

Initially, ASR transformed her life so much so that she agreed to become DePuy’s “poster lady”.

But in 2009, Ms Brown, who developed osteoarthritis in both hips in her early 40s, started to experience groin pain. The pain gradually got worse and she was told she must undergo further surgery due to the ASR system wearing out prematurely.

A spokeswoman for DePuy said: “DePuy is committed to addressing reasonable and customary costs of testing and treatment for reasons related to the recall, including revision surgery if necessary, for Ms Brown and other ASR patients.”