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Zimmer Hip Replacement Problems in Canada


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A class action lawsuit regarding Zimmer hip replacement systems involves every patient who was fitted with the device across the country. The Durom Cup implant has been controversial in both Canada and in the United States since it became clear that it is linked to a higher rate of failure than the average hip replacement system; patients have also been experiencing complications like joint pain and trouble walking that have been linked to use of the implant. Of the nearly 5,000 patients who have received a Zimmer Durom Cup hip replacement system throughout Canada, every patient is eligible to join the Zimmer hip lawsuit.

There are two representative patients in the Canadian Durom Cup lawsuit,Susan Wilkinson and Dennis Jones. These plaintiffs are victims of Zimmer hip replacement complications and are representative of many patients’ desires to win some sort of compensation from Zimmer after having to deal with medical bills, lost wages, and other serious and steep costs. This class action suit has been approved by the British Columbia Supreme Court Justice Gregory Bowen after evidence showed that there were at least 33 cases of Durom Cup failure in Canada.

21 of the 33 Durom Cup failure cases involved pain and loosening, while four saw that the hip implant device itself failed to adhere to the bone of the patient. This was the case with Susan Wilkinson, one of the representative patients in the class action suit. She received her hip replacement in April of 2008, needing revision surgery only a few months later after she began experiencing Zimmer hip problems. She was actually awake when, during her revision surgery, her hip implant popped out of place with just the force of the surgeon’s hand. This should never be possible in the case of hip replacement systems.

Dennis Jones also received his hip replacement system in 2008, although his initial surgery was in January. Eight months later, he was experiencing side effects. He underwent revision surgery in May of the next year. These cases, although representative, are not unique – many patients have experienced similar symptoms and side effects both in Canada and in the United States.