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5 hour operation was spent trying to repair damaged tissue
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I told my brother I was lucky he had the ACR installed and two months later I had a Pinnacle installed.

Different doctors different reasons after less than a year he had a gross distortion of his gate. He didn’t even notice, but he noticed the pain. Mine felt better than ever and I felt sorry for him then after two years. His Doctor the head of Joint replacement at Dartmouth Hitchcock Hospital in NH said to me on the phone it was the most “disgusting and worst case he had ever seen…

Much of the tissue was Grey and color and the hip repair was relatively straight forward and most of his 5 hour operation was spent trying to repair damaged tissue. There was actual anger in his voice. This was supposed to be a call to let me know everything was all right and to pass this on to the rest of the family. I really believe the doctor who had done many replacements by this time felt horrible and was embarrassed about the fact he ever installed DePuy devices….
My brothers saving grace was the femoral stem was not Made by Johnson and Johnson and the stem was saved as was his femur from the damage of reworking on it. Today is 8 days out and his limp is expected to be permanent and he will not be able to go back to the functions of his work. I am very sad for this father of a 14 year old and the challenges he will encounter.

I now two years out of my hip replacement my daughter has pointed out that I am walking like her Uncle and I did it without knowing it is to compensate for the driving pains. Just had bone scan, multiple x-rays and MRI. I really wish I lived with the pain of my hip. No good can come of having a replacement.

Oh yeah the doctors will dope you up with Prednisone multiple times to delay the inevitable. This is a NO WIN. Best to all you with your prosthesis.

Wish I had something good to say….but I so not

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