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Altogether Hip support group pushes for medical help

PATIENTS from across the north of England gathered in York to call for medical professionals to solve health problems they say are caused by faulty hip replacements.


Members of the Altogether Hip support group met at York Marriott Hotel on Saturday.

They have all received ASR total hip replacements or resurfacing devices which have since been recalled by American manufacturer Depuy Orthopaedics.

The group was told a second hip product from the same company, a Corail unit, is subject to official scrutiny that could see it withdrawn too.

Group members told each other of the problems they had endured persuading doctors and other medical professionals of the health problems they had experienced since receiving their replacements.

“We are not here to apportion blame at all,” said the group’s founder, Penny Hodgson, of Easingwold, who has had difficulties sitting down among other problems since she had both hips replaced.

“What we want is to have our stories listened to and to receive the correct treatment by the correct time. “Compensation isn’t what we are here for. We are getting together because we are concerned about the implications for our health and our futures.”

Some of the group have had to have their hip replacements replaced. The group was set up in February after York solicitors Pryers of Stonebow took up the case of 50 hip patients who had had the Depuy products, but it is not solely for litigants.

It is aimed at anyone who is concerned about their health after having a Depuy product inserted into their leg.

The group aims to spread information about what is happening and what patients can do and to enable hip patients to talk to each other, learn about each others’ experiences and support each other.

It is keen to set up a website and is looking for a volunteer who can help them.

A DePuy spokeswoman has previously said the company withdrew the ASR products “immediately” after high failure rates were detected in the UK.

She said: “We intend to give affected patients reasonable and customary costs of testing and treatment.

“That includes the cost of revision surgery if medically necessary. We will also compensate loss of wages, travel costs etc.”


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