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[Earl’s View] Comment: “Bruce Greenfield may be the last New Zealander implanted with a faulty hip joint

Market share and Financing apparently are more important than  quality of life. Heck of a deal. In one article I read studies are being done, or have been done, or forgot to be done or the government dropped the ball and didn’t follow up on the questionable data.

I have no hip and live in a wheelchair, thankyou Smith & Nephew ( BHR ).

Amazing that I haven’t read any articles that Smith & Nephew, or DePuy or xyz companies neglect to mention last year or week we uncovered the following information on their medical device and we forgot to let the public be notified in an open ease to access data base that will provide this information.

In my case back in 2007, these big companies paid to have an investigation stopped by the FDA. $311,000,000.

The investigations alleged kickbacks and unethical marketing practices were taking place by these companies in order to promote their devices. What makes you think this practice has stopped? read up on PODs for example.

Testing these new products, with absolutely no financial ties, is the only way we will ever read the real results, that’s if they are even reported properly.

I can’t imagine anyone agreeing to be a lab rat, unless they gave written notification to the companies performing research on their new devices.

Maybe the companies forgot to ask? or may be that wouldn’t be cost effective.


Howard Sadwin

[Earl’s View] Comment: “McMinn Centre Patient Video’s”

I know if I bought a new car and was having trouble I would take the car to the dealership. If the problem persisted I would expect the car to be replaced by a new one free of problems, or I have the Lemon Law to use on my behalf that deals with such matters.

 I have a bad hip problem, dissabilitating, I am taking the neccessary steps to deal with this problem.

People must over come whatever fear they may have about speaking up with hip problems. Unless you voice your opinions, thoughts, or complaints this problem will never get corrected.  I know there are a lot of people that have such issues, speak up or keep that new car with problems and just complain about it.

No one will bite your head off for stepping up to the plate and standing on your two feet and getting the respect you have coming to you, from these big companies.

I may be a flea on a dog in size when dealing for my rights from Smith & Nephew, or DePuy, Stryker, ASR or any company so what. Right is right and wrong is wrong, deal with it, don’t ignore or run away from them.


Howard Sadwin