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Why don’t we hear more from those with defective Smith & Nephew Hips?

Earl, you are right, are people afraid of speaking up re: Smith & Nephew problems?

In reading reports on the BHR, referrences of data from Smith & Nephew’s BHR are taken from  the same controlled group of 2385 patients that McMinn seems to control. Then there is reference from 140 surgeons who supposedily were responsible for 3800 hip implants.

The first attempt by Smith & Nephew to get their hip device approved by the FDA was denied in 2004, by a 3/2 vote. One of the major concerns expressed by the FDA was the data used in reporting results came from the ( I believe ) same 2385 patients, and McMinn the inventor of the BHR, worked for Smith & Nephew at the time, and he had a huge pay day for his BHR, supposedly over $100,000,000.

In 2006 the FDA through their 510k plan approved the device by 3/2 vote and the company used the same basic information; once used for denial, now used  for approval.

Well here we are years later, and I still see reference to the same 2385 patient test group being used for statistics?


if a study were done taking the history of hip devices;

  1. when they were approved?
  2. how approved?
  3. If the good and bad results taken randomly, would we discover company A says we are introducing xyz hip device, then company B says we are introducing 123 hip etc?
  4. Would we see a pattern that may lead one to suspect market control of pricing these devices?

Where are the skeletons?

I have not found Smith & Nephew’s “be aware of problems” list, other than articles you have to dig for, however your site has brought some of us that have suffered using the BHR.

Their name doesn’t appear as having potential problems.

Isn’t Cobalt Chrome the same in all hips?

Their product was metal on metal same materials used in other devices by DePuy, Stryker, etc. there aren’t as many  people suffering from the BHR as with other manufacturers, however just because there hasn’t been a recall on the BHR, fact remains metal on metal present issues that affect the quality of our lives.

Is the data real or not?

The continuous use of the same 2385 BHR patients is absolute Bull Sh-t, don’t you think?

So BHR victims speak up if it is justice you seek.


Howard Sadwin