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How ‘Bout Smith & Nephew

posted by Karen on 02 Aug 2011 at 6:34 pm

All this data refers to Depuy implants.

What about Smith & Nephew metal on metal implants?

I have been in constant pain since THR surgeries in 2008! My surgeon just pats himself on the back every time he takes follow-up x-rays, saying what a GREAT job he did!

No mention or caution about metal components breaking down and getting into the bloodstream.

Are there any legal actions yet? HELP please!!!

My View:

I have to agree – I had my Smith & Nephew THA in August 2003 – and have had constant pain ever since as I have reported – and I am having my 3 year old MoM hip replaced 1 September with a Zimmer ceramic on ceramic.

S&N class action – I reckon Howard Sadwin would have a view on this too – given the battle he has had just staying alive after his S&N hip replacement and revision.